Obsolescence Mitigation Management

The cost and effort for the continuation of operating and supporting legacy networks will always increase in line with the ageing equipment, limited support and repair options, and diminishing skill sets. In addition to this, a new requirement for the development and overlap of next generation network implementation adds to the complexity and impact of this transitional period.

To assist with the complexity of managing this issue we utilise the Obsolescence Mitigation Management system to calculate, manage and report on the optimal operating state and development plans for your asset. Sweat the asset but develop where required, invest in the legacy asset, but do not fall to false economies and always understand the full risk of the complete life cycle of your asset as well as it optimum operations performance.

Data from all areas are utilised to continue the efficient management of the current network including legacy equipment as well as future network roadmap plans, network and service development plans as well as all hardware details for end-of-life, end-of-support, upgrade options, and repair options including hardware spares options and technical support ability, all acts as input data for the Obsolescence Mitigation Management program.

Remove Uncertainty

Remove uncertainty into your network sustainability and development plans.

Economical Investments

Invest in the key areas, sustain the core requirements and develop the future requirements in the most efficient and economical way.

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