Support Services

Our dedicated team of synchronisation Subject Matter Experts combined with the latest tools and systems offer world class support services to match every requirement for the efficient and effective operation, and support of networks and associated hardware.

Our ethos is to remove the uncertainty and accountability of operating your network by delivering a high-quality support package that matches the requirements of your bespoke technical infrastructure and in-house technical ability. With seamless processes and systems designed to optimise and control your operations requirements, we provide the comfort and control for continued operational investment accuracy and operation optimisation.

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Environmentally Controlled Network Reference Lab

Our reference lab allows us to provide services including: fault condition simulation, change risk analysis, module and equipment preparation, research and development, and pre-deployment and modules for return testing for site and repair returns.

Decommissioning and Disposal

With 17 years’ experience, we have proven experience in the safe and effective decommissioning, dismantling and removal of network assets. Our Decommissioning and Disposal projects are based on thorough on-site analysis to minimise any disruption.

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Technical Services

Our dedicated teams of Subject Matter Experts offer you the ability to maintain, manage and interact with network equipment across a number of support models where we can provide technical support and manage your hardware asset and network infrastructure from a single element module fault diagnosis and repair through to a complete network fault analysis and rectification consultancy investigation.

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Hardware Services

Hardware is the heart of your network, we offer the ability to not only carry out full technical life cycle support but also the complete life cycle support and management of your hardware asset.

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