Synchronisation Management as a Service

Synchronisation Management as a Service (SMaaS) represents the gold standard of network synchronisation management.

We become your eyes and ears and your First to Third line technical support team by allowing us to take responsibility for the management of your synchronisation units with our own local or cloud-based management system that provides either 7/5 or 24/7 proactive network management of your synchronisation units.

Our dedicated support team of Subject Matter Experts combined with the latest system and tools means seamless and instant support and reaction to any system, network and hardware changes.

We also offer the agile ability to optimise the full lifecycle management of your asset by monitoring all performance trend analysis recorded directly from the managed and monitored system. When aligned with our Obsolescence Mitigation Management process, we ensure effective and efficient use and investment of your network, resulting in the continued use and support of hybrid networks consisting of equipment with age ranges spanning 25 years. These can then be developed and enhanced to ensure the future next generation network and service requirements aligned with the changing world of today.

This ability to manage the full-service delivery of your network ensures the transitional issues of operating, maintaining and developing your network is done for you in line with the day to day support maintenance.

Reduction of Operational Expense

Our service takes control and accountability for all of the Synchronisation Support requirements increasing service and operational performance while reducing your own bespoke skill and operation systems overhead.

Increased Accuracy and Efficiency of Fault Resolution

Direct SME ownership and control reduces time and increase the quality of the fault resolution outcome.

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