Primary Reference as a Service

Primary References are the most important resources in the Synchronisation Network. Caesium-based Primary References are unusual in the respect that their operation is based on an internal, naturally depleting resource normally characterised as the life of the Caesium Tube. This tube life limitation gives Caesium Primary References a shorter operational life than other synchronisation units.

Our Primary Reference as a Service (PRaaS) means you don’t have to worry about the expense and risk associated with repairing or replacing your Primary References. We will provide a Primary Reference conforming to your requirements to maintain and supply an appropriate operational Primary Reference to replace the original in the event of failure.

For Primary Reference sites within the UK:

If the failure of the supported Primary Reference unit is reported, by acknowledged contact with us, the earliest possible deployment, subject to availability, will be the same day. Else if notification is received before 16:30, by acknowledged contact with us, then the earliest possible deployment, subject to availability, will be the next day respective of if it is a working day.

For Primary Reference sites outside the UK:

The earliest possible deployment will be agreed by both parties in recognition of the possible transport restrictions of the technology. We endeavour to ensure that any Subject Matter Expert dispatched to site for Primary Reference replacement will be fully equipped with appropriate tools. Any site-specific access and training requirement beyond that of the Subject Matter Expert competence and skills matrix of Horsebridge Sync will be the responsibility and cost of the client.

Increased Protection

PRC as a service guarantees indefinite quality assurance with no hidden cost, no aging equipment and no increaser operating risk of end of life or end of support/repair equipment.

Decreased Cost

Despite Increased protection and quality this service provides and overall life cycle cost reduction to the operator.

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