Equipment Evaluation

As a technology, SDH has been with us for a long time now. It is well specified and well understood, with all performance and interoperability issues being ironed out long ago. However, things aren’t quite so neat in the packet world.

Understandably, the plethora of standards supporting PTP took some time to release and remain incomplete today. In the meantime, network equipment manufacturers forged ahead with their interpretation of the likely standards, giving rise to the possibility of performance and interoperability issues.

Our Equipment Evaluation service is aimed primarily at identifying and evaluating behaviour, performance, and signalling excursions of network equipment from the relevant standards. We can perform equipment evaluation either at your lab or at our own well-equipped reference lab.

Hardware Optimisation Trials

Test hardware features, configuration options, and upgrade enhancements within our test facility.

Next Generation Equipment Trials

Evaluate hardware options, network deployment simulation trials, and compliance methodologies within our reference lab.

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