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We understand that network synchronisation is a fundamental resource for all Carrier Networks. Excellent design, configuration, and operation are paramount to the seamless delivery of synchronisation as a resource. ​For the past seventeen years, we have provided an array of consultancy services to operators throughout the world, designed to make network synchronisation painless.
Today, Operators face many challenges:

Network Transition

How do I cost-effectively manage the transition of my existing Synchronous Digital Hierarchy (SDH) based frequency distribution network to a predominately packet based network?

Investment Protection

Now that services are placing specific demands on network synchronisation, how can I ensure that any investment I make now will not be rendered unfit for purpose by new service requirements?

Ageing Assets

How can I sweat my ageing synchronisation assets for as long as possible without incurring an unacceptable risk, and how do I quantify that risk?

Network Consolidation and Optimisation

How can I optimise my current legacy hardware in line with my current, incoming, and planned future service requirements?

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Network Capability Audits

Our Network Capability Audit service takes the guesswork out of PTP deployment. Using the latest field and lab measurement and emulation equipment, we can emulate PTP streams in your existing network and predict the performance you could expect from your proposed solution.

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Network Configuration Audits

Networks can only be made resilient with careful configuration. We have worked with many operators who have made a significant investment in network synchronisation, yet have still experienced service impacting events simply because the distribution of synchronisation had minor configuration flaws. Our Network Configuration Audit service gathers network configuration and enables us to build an accurate distribution behavioural model of your network using the latest Sync Architect modelling tool.

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Synchronisation Distribution Planning

Our Synchronisation Distribution Planning service is suitable for both green-field and brown-field network planning. Using Sync Architect V5 we can model proposed or existing large scale SDH, packet, or hybrid networks. Design the synchronisation distribution configuration of all network equipment to maintain single fault tolerance within your network policies.

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Equipment Evaluation

Our Equipment Evaluation service is aimed primarily at identifying and evaluating behaviour, performance, and signalling excursions of network equipment from the relevant standards. We can perform equipment evaluation either at your lab or at our own well-equipped reference lab.

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Over the past seventeen years, we have amassed a great deal of practical experience that we are happy to share. We don’t simply repeat stock courses over and over. Each course is written to meet your specific requirements.

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