Sync As A Service

Learn more about the services we provide as part of Sync as a Service, covering high-level solutions such as consultancy, technical and hardware support, network lifecycle development, and primary sync services. Get in touch with the team today to discuss your network requirements and how we can support your network synchronisation.

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Consultancy Services

We understand that network synchronisation is a fundamental resource for all Carrier Networks. Excellent design, configuration, and operation are paramount to the seamless delivery of synchronisation as a resource. ​For the past seventeen years, we have provided an array of consultancy services to operators throughout the world, designed to make network synchronisation painless.

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Support Services

Our dedicated team of synchronisation Subject Matter Experts combined with the latest tools and systems offer world class support services to match every requirement for the efficient and effective operation, and support of networks and associated hardware.

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Network Lifecycle Development

Our complete Network Lifecycle Management includes all optimisation and development work such as network support, network enhancement, network expansion, optimisation and consolidation programs which take the output from many other service sections and turn them into reality with support site work, site work projects and program roll outs.

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Primary Sync Services

Primary Sync Service such as Caesium-based Primary Reference Clocks form the most important elements of the entire Sync Network and asset portfolio. As a result we offer a range of bespoke services to ensure continuation, enhancement and development options for such technical requirements.

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