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Calnex Paragon-t

Put simply, the Calnex Paragon-t combines power with versatility. That’s because it has four independent transmit and measurement ports enabling you to comprehensively test four separate network devices simultaneously – including SECs, EECs, and Boundary and Slave Clocks.
For both legacy synchronisation and next-generation Ethernet devices and systems, the Paragon-t proves wander tolerance at key rates so you can benchmark and validate against the latest ITU standards. It’s invaluable for developers and labs testing a range of interfaces and outputs, and because it can also make lengthy simultaneous measurements, it’s perfect for long-term software regression/system verification testing or during acceptance and installation testing.

Calnex Paragon-x

For technologies up to 10 Gb/s, the Calnex Paragon-X offers direct insight into actual device and service behaviour, and the ability to generate a broad range of real-world disruption scenarios to validate the operation of your network devices and systems to industry standards. The Paragon-X is the definitive one-box solution to rigorously test SyncE, PTP and NTP synchronisation mechanisms, as well
as E1/T1 sync interfaces and Ethernet OAM. It brings together all the measurements you need — from jitter and wander through to measuring the accuracy of the recovered Time of Day (ToD), Phase (1pps) and Frequency (MTIE/TDEV) — to ensure your products will work reliably in the complex world of Ethernet switches, routers and gateways.

Calnex Paragon-100G

The Paragon-100G solution provides 40GbE and 100GbE PTP and SyncE testing to nanoseconds of accuracy, combined with emulation of network effects, to prove protocol and timing performance. It is designed to meet the stringent test requirements of NEMs who are developing, verifying and manufacturing 100GbE devices, and for those designing and deploying 100G networks and systems. It precisely measures frequency and phase synchronisation at 100GbE and 40GbE in accordance with SyncE and PTP standards such as ITU-T G.826x and G.827x.

OSA 5335

The OSA 5335 Modular PTP Grandmaster is a scalable and high-performance IEEE 1588v2 standard compliant Grandmaster Clock for the distribution of frequency, phase and time synchronisation over packet-based network infrastructure including IP/MPLS, Carrier Ethernet, PON and DSL networks. Its carrier-class design provides high client capacity and a wide range of redundancy options to deliver scalable performance and maximum availability. The OSA 5335 is designed to deliver precise and reliable frequency, phase and time-of-day information in markets including telecommunications, media broadcast and power utility communications.

OSA 541x Series

The OSA 541x Series is a family of compact and cost-effective synchronisation distribution and assurance devices. The OSA 541x Series offers unique flexibility by supporting delivery and assurance of synchronisation utilising Synchronous Ethernet and IEEE 1588v2 Precision Time Protocol (PTP). Thanks to its built-in Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) receiver and Grandmaster (GM) Clock capability, it can be used as a timing source for frequency, phase and time-of-day delivery.

OSA 5401

The OSA 5401 Syncplug™ is a highly accurate and uniquely efficient small form-factor pluggable (SFP) grandmaster clock and Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) receiver, with the smallest footprint and most compact design on the market. It brings precise IEEE 1588v2 Precision Time Protocol (PTP) frequency and phase synchronisation as well as Synchronous Ethernet deeper into access networks, including radio access and small cell networks.
With its miniature form factor and low-touch provisioning, this new synchronisation solution can be deployed in the most space-restrictive environments. No additional power source or real estate is needed since it can be easily integrated into existing network elements.

OSA 5420 Series

The OSA 5420 series is a family of cost-effective, mid-scale synchronisation distribution and assurance devices. Following a toolbox approach, the family members of the OSA 5420 series can be utilised in a variety of network synchronisation applications, including IEEE 1588v2 Grandmaster, Boundary Clock, Slave Clock and Assisted Partial Timing Support (APTS). The built-in Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) receiver and Primary Reference Time Clock (PRTC) capability, together with the redundant power supply option, make it ideal for reliable synchronisation delivery. The OSA 5420 Series won the 2017 Diamond Technology Reviews award for Active Network Hardware from Broadband Technology Report.